Friday, April 8, 2011

What if

What if.
If I were a Multi billionaire the first thing I would do is to donate $100,000 thousand dollars to Unicef. I would also by myself a mansion with the best security system ever. My security system will have an electric fence also with the strongest dog’s in the world, and an inferno gate way that will lead to my house. I would also like to buy myself a cinema that will be in my movie room. I would have a candy room with all the tastiest treats. I would like to buy the extreme screen from Sylvia Park for $900,000 dollars with all their seats included. I would buy the Mozilla Fire Fox company. I would buy my family a three story house and give them $1 million dollars. Lastly I would really like to buy some land up on a hill facing the sea, so my house will have a good view.