Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Solar System

Awesome! I had never known that there would be so many bigger planets and stars than our own planet Earth. I was stunned to see much larger stars then the usual star we see during the day also known as the sun. I was wondering at the time if there was any existing life on any other planets or stars.

It was an amazing fact that the VV Cephai is the largest star of them all. VV Cephais size compared to planet Earths size is really a big difference. Probably 1,000,000 planet Earths will make up the whole of VV Cephai.

Now on I am looking forward to finding out more about our amazing Solar System. one of the facts I know is that the sun ain’t the biggest star of them all. Also what what I have found out is that it takes 8 months to Mars.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

2011 RWC

It is a battle for the Webb Ellis Cup. It is between 20 other rugby teams around the world. The All Blacks are going too win as they had won all their pool games. Also they are going to win because they are ranked number 1 in the world at rugby. The other team that I am going for is Ireland because they had showed their self that they can beat Australia. So I hope Ireland does well in their up coming games. My Favourite players in the All Blacks are Zack Guilford, Ma’a Nonu , Israel Dagg, and the All Blacks captain Richie Mccaw.