Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Space MTV

This is an original song about our topic for the term. Tanielu and Moses helped me record it on garageband. Then we used the greenroom to film an MTV movie. We used some of the space animations from Room 14 for the background (Thank you Ms Squires). I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Solar System

I had come to school in the morning thinking what the teacher had planned for us today. I was hoping that we were going to do something as a class.

It was the 2nd of November when our class room 21 had been doing some expirents about
our magnificent Solar System. First off Mrs Lagitupu had randomly selected a bunch of students to take place in a room 21 task . The main topic that we have been learning about for term 4 was about the solar system we live in. I found it very interesting.

So on the selected students had a balloon which represented a Planet in our Solar System. They had blown up the balloon to a reasonable size. As each student blowed up there balloon they had to stand up in the order of our Solar System. All selected students who were taking place were all lined up holding their balloon in the order from the sun. While they were standing up our teacher had given us a test too see what we know about each planet. Firstly she had said the sun. Many people just said it was hot and yellow. That wasn’t really a fact I said to my self.

Also if you don’t know why we have excisting life on Earth it is because we ain’t close to the sun also we ain’t to far from the sun. Also what else I know is that sientist belive that the sun isn’t the biggest start of all time it is VV Cephai. VV Cephai compared to Earth has a massive diferents I reckon 1,000,000,000 planet Earth will make up the whole of Cephai as its the biggest said to my self.start in the Milky way galaxy,

I really had an awesome time finding out new things about Our amazing Solar System. Also hope we do this again.