Monday, October 18, 2010

How to survive in a life raft

Surviving in a life craft

If you are in a life raft here are somethings you should remember:

  1. Never drink sea water and urine it will only make you even thirsty.
  2. Practice swimming to the craft.
  3. Always have sea sick pills.
  4. Where a life jacket.
  5. Hug on or snuggle up to someone to keep warm.
  6. Keep your floor dry in the craft to avoid getting saws.
  7. Have lots of gear so you wouldn’t die of exposure.
  8. Practice inflating the life craft blind folded.
  9. Don’t say you are going to die or you will.
  10. Don’t eat or drink for 24 hours because you can survive
  11. Learn to swim.
  12. Only little bits of food.
  13. Grab lots of water containers.
  14. If the craft capsizes you need a the strongest person to get in first and pull the rest in.
  15. If water gets in quickly get the water out.

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