Thursday, November 25, 2010

Suf life saving education

Last week the yr 7’s of Pt England school went to Mairangi bay for the surf life saving education. I was wondering if the view of Mairangi bay was going to be wonderful or not. As soon as we arrived at Mairangi bay the view seemed alright too me. So we went up into the safe house and was instructed on the things that will keep us safe when we are around the water. It was time for a swim i couldn't wait to have a nice refreshing swim. I was swallowing water like it was my favourite. We were boogie boarding like people surfing in Hawaii, Even though the weather was horrible.

We had an amazing brilliant time at Mairangi bay learning new things like saving lives and how to be safe in the water.


  1. Dear casey ,

    love your work keep the good work up looking forward to next work hope you have a great year.

    from pesi.


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