Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tamaki Tech

On Monday the Year 7's and 8's walked down to Tamaki college for technology. We arrived at Tamaki college in a matter of time. Since I was in graphics with Mrs Ferguson I had a feeling things were going to be rough since she was a teacher that growls a lot. But she is really good at what she does and she is a great teacher. She told us about the three tones for shading that were light, medium and hard. We all crowded around Mrs Ferguson for an example of what she meant.

There were also some other classes that people were in from our school such as Wood work, Science, Electronics, and Food tech. I am looking forward to doing electronics this year.

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  1. Hi casey

    It looks like you are learning a lot in Mrs Ferguson class well what ever you make it is going to look cool thats what i think.


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