Monday, February 16, 2009

My Holiday

In my holiday my sister and and my Nana and my cousin and I went shopping in Brisbane city. We went to Wet 'n, Wild to go on the rides and go for swims too. Sometimes we went to the pools to learn to swim but this day in Australia afternoon it was 35 degrees and that why we went to the pools because it was so hot, everyday. Usually it was hot in the morning but some times it cold in the morning .


  1. Cool writing Casey a couple of my cousins went to Brisbane I know it is all ways hot in Austrila I'v been there it is really hot wet'n'wild is a cool place but not better than the beach.

  2. Hi Casey your story about your holiday sounded cool.
    By the way do you want to go to wet'n'wild again?
    Well I'll see around.

  3. Hi Casey perhaps you could Put more intresting
    words in there but that was great...


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