Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tyrannosaurus-Rex mean tyrant lizard
Yearning for meat
Roaring like a tough brave tiger
Always hunting down dinosaur
Not scared of the strongest fight ever
Nose can smell from long distant
Over rocked  it runs really fast like flash
Spiky teeth like craving knife in it mouth
All dinosaur are scared of the brave T-Rex
Using it head to bowl over dinosaur
Razor blade claws to kill dinosaur
Up down teeth in it mouth
Suddenly it grab it prey by using it sharp teeth
Rips and rips lot of skin off
Evey were theirs preys
Xtreamly  dangerous dinosaurs


  1. Hi Casey,
    I like your poem and it
    sounds great.
    That T-rex that you showed is on KING KONG.
    What is your favourite dinosaur Casey?

    Well keep up the good work.

    By Joshua.

  2. Hi Casey!
    We really liked your poem but we think that you could maybe check your spelling and make sure they make scence. But either then that, you're doing a great job.

    Keep up the work!
    Ala and Toreka


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