Friday, August 19, 2011

2011 Cross Country.

On Wednesday the 10th of August the intermediate block of Pt England school competed in a Cross Country event. I wasn’t prepared for Cross Country as I didn’t have any practice. I was very annoyed when we got told there was country before the actual day.

The day had come for the Cross Country event. I was hoping I would do well. The first race was the yr 7 girls. They all lined up hoping they would take the lead. Clap! The girls were off. They all took off like a stampede of bulls. Some tried to keep their paste but some we’re just off like a missile.

As the races past it was the yr 8 boys turn. I had Butterflies as I was approaching the start line. On your marks get set go BANG!! goes the two pieces of wood colliding together to make a big clap. We all jogged off like if there was no such thing as time.

I was half way through the track I decided to keep my pase and not waste my energy. I had past alot of people. As i was running up the muddy stairs accidently face planted into the dirt. Luckly no one was around to see me trip up in a instant.

The finish line was slowly approaching. I couldn’t wait to past the line as i was suffering from a painful stich. “ Finally “ i said to my self I had just finished the race. The placeing i got was 8th.

I had a wonderful race and I am now looking forward to the inter zones.r

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