Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Doug Howlett

Doug Howlett Former All Black born ( 21 September 1978 ) He is a professional rugby player. With an outstanding 49 tries in 62 tests, Howlett is currently the 5th highest try scorer in rugby. He was born in Auckland New Zealand. Age 32.

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  1. Hi Casey, I am pleased to see you remembering Doug Howlett. I have been to lots of games at Eden Park where Doug was the star of the game.

    I am also delighted to notice how many visitors you have had to your blog. I see on your cluster map that Americans are the largest audience you have. But I also notice that people from all over Sth America visit your blog. Have you ever thought about giving them a detailed explanation of rugby so they understand the game when they visit your blog?

    Mrs Burt


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