Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Silly spots day.

It was last week Friday when Room 19 too room 22 had a silly sports day. Their was four types of events taking place. Their was Mrs Lagitupu who was holding the Ball Tiggy. Their was Miss- Tito who was holding the Slingshot targets. Also their was Mr Harris who was holding the Steady walking event. Last but no least their was Mrs Nua who held the wet sponge and bucket game.

First off we had our wonderful teacher Mrs Lagitupu. We we're playing ball tiggy. But it wasn't the ball tiggy we're you ran everywhere and throw it at your opponent. This Ball Tiggy game was different too the Ball Tiggy that you we're thinking. In this Ball Tiggy you have too have 2 teams. 1 team has too try not get tagged from the ball in the boundry. And the other has to pass the ball too each of thier team mates and tag the other team with the ball with out any throwing.

So the game had started. I was ttreing to avoid getting tagged. I was doing well untill the other team member had tripped me up. I was really annoyed but not for long. It was our turn too tag the other team. The whistle had been blow giving us a signal too start. So on I had got about three people out. Out of 8. That was a really cool game to play.

My favourie Silly sport of that day was Miss Tito with the Slingshots Taget game. The reason I really enjoyed that game was because I found it quite interesting to play. It was my turn up to give it a go. I was thinking that wouldn’t do well but as i let go of the sling shot i just managed to just get it next to the hoop. All i could hear in the background was OHHHHHHHHHHH!. I didn’t know they did that but I did very well.

It was a heap of fun that day and hope too do those events every week.

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